Imani Montessori School’s Infant Program is designed to nurture the quickly developing Infant as they take their first steps towards independence.

The Infant program at Imani Montessori School in Kenya serves children ages 1 & 1/2 to 3 years. The focus of this program is to facilitate play & language development . At this stage we encourage social interaction for the young ones.

The infant Montessori teacher is the connector to the environment, the observer and guide to self-discovery. The classroom has one Montessori infant trained teacher, one assistant teacher and a minder/caretaker.

The room is equipped with infant materials that are easily accessible, all within easy reach of even the youngest child.

Your child is unique and their education should be too.

At Imani Montessori school, your child will receive individualized attention and a tailored curriculum that meets their specific needs and interests.

Infant Program Goals

Offer opportunities to gain independence in daily tasks

Foster the development of language and social skills

Develop confidence in their emerging abilities