In the Pre-school program, children are exposed to individual, small group, and large group activities that allow them to build their learning and concentration skills, and developing an interest in working.

Our focus in the pre-school program is on learning skills, concentration and developing an interest in working. At this stage, collaboration is a key skill that is nurtured. As children work together they learn to be positive peer models. The Montessori teacher teaches, observes and guides the learning process.

The pre-school program is guided by Montessori credentialed teachers using a full complement of Montessori materials in a classroom designed to offer choice for hands-on exploration following each child’s interests, learning style, and pace.

Everything that children have learned in previous years comes together in pre-school, giving children a readiness to meet new challenges. Our passionate Montessori teachers will partner with you during this special time making their “senior year” of pre-school the best it can be.

Give your child the best start in life!

At Imani Montessori school, your child will receive individualized attention and a tailored curriculum that meets their specific needs and interests.

Our Pre-School program is designed to:

Foster the growth of functional independence, concentration, and self-correction

Promote social development through respectful and clear communication

Refine sensory perception and the development of literacy and mathematical understanding